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Duct Tape Dress Form


I made it through duct tape week of So You Think You’re Crafty (Tyler got up before me this morning to check the results so he would know what sort of mood I’d be in all day…I was worried there for a while).  Thank you everyone who voted.  I’ve been doing a lot of clothing design work for people recently, and the trend doesn’t show signs of stopping as I ramp up to painting someone’s wedding dress in the near future (gulp).  For anyone out there who does a lot of work with clothing you know how invaluable a dress form can be – but also how pricey or difficult to get your hands on if you live in a smaller place.  That’s why I decided to make use of this week’s duct tape challenge to build my own dress form.


I started by having myself wrapped in saran wrap by a friend – essentially creating a plastic dress over my clothes.  I then had her help me cover the saran wrap with the first layer of duct tape.  Once that was done I had her carefully cut me out of my duct tape dress with a single seam straight up the back.  I then set about reinforcing the dress form with several more layers of duct tape.  I used white duct tape, because I planned to add other layers on top of it and I didn’t want the duct tape to show through.


Once the shell of my dress form was nice and sturdy I added a stand to it.  I used a inexpensive floor lamp for this that I had pulled the wiring out of (I left the lampshade on to help wedge the stand inside the shell and keep it in place).  Next I stuffed the form with crumpled newspaper, sealing the holes (in the neck, arms, and base) with more duct tape when I finished.  To get the look I was going for with the finished product, I covered the form with old sewing patterns, washi tape, and old postage stamps, and added the occasional smear of permanent ink.  I’m very excited to make use of the finished product.

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  1. This was a great idea! It would have been fun (and funny) to see a pictures of the different stages of making it…like you covered in duct tape 😉 Some day when I have room for a dress form, I am totally going to do this!! Um, and designing a wedding dress!! Wow, that is amazing!

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