The Craft Project

Vertical Succulent Garden


I have made it into the top three of So You Think You’re Crafty and I’d love to thank everyone who has been following the competition and voting.  Next week’s challenge is handmade gifts so watch for that on Monday.  This last week’s project was a bit of a challenge as there is still a lot of snow where I live, so I needed to create an indoor garden project.  I decided to build a vertical succulent garden – my own version of a mini living wall.


I started by building a box for the base.  I used a piece of plywood for the floor and a 2 x 2 for the walls nailed together.  To make it waterproof I used three coats of varathane and then used silicone to seal all of the seams.  I filled it with soil and then covered that with a layer of shredded coconut fibre to keep the soil from slipping out.  I then antiqued a picture frame with paint.  I stapled chicken wire into the back of the frame to provide a structure to keep the plants in place.  I then screwed the frame to the box and sealed the seams with silicone.


I then planted a selection of succulents throughout the finished garden box, by cutting holes through the coconut fibre.  It can now hang vertically on a wall and as the plants recover from the shock of the transplant they should fill out the few gaps remaining.

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