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In The Rain Wall Art


So I’m bidding farewell to So You Think You’re Crafty today – finishing third in the competition (which I’m thrilled about…I even get a prize).  Thank you everyone for your amazing support – now I’m on to the next set of projects (keep your eyes open on Tuesday when I announce a particularly large and exciting one).  I want to wish luck to Heidi and Amber in the finale – I’m exciting to see what they both come up with for their wildcard craft.  For this handmade gift challenge I decided to create a piece of wall art for my husband. He is an avid mountain biker so I wanted to incorporate that into the work.  I drew a silhouette of a girl and boy kissing under an umbrella.  I wanted to make it represent us as much as possible so the boy is on a bike and the girl is in skate shoes and a dress.  I created a cut-out paper template of the sketch to transfer my drawing to a canvas (in order to avoid too much erasing on the canvas itself).


After transferring the image to the canvas I painted it with acrylic paint.  I then traced the arc of the umbrella onto waxed paper and tacked it in place with a glue stick in order to mask the area under the umbrella for the next step.  I stood the canvas up vertically and then used spray bottles full of acrylic ink to spray the canvas in a wash of blues and green which I allowed to run down the canvas’ surface.  I actually had to re-do all of the steps up to  this point again because in my first iteration I used eye droppers to add streams of ink running down the surface and it turned out to be too much (I was grateful that I had made that cut out template of the silhouette).


After it had dried I pulled off the wax paper mask and did some finishing touches.  I created three hearts out of clay.  The largest one has my thumbprint covering half of it, and my husband’s covering the other half (the potential for a pendant with this idea is definitely there).  And then I added the words “not all those who wander are lost” across the top in ink.  This is engraved on the inside of our wedding rings (although in Gaelic, not in English).


  1. I am sad to see you go! I have to say that I am surprised with the shake down of votes through the whole thing. I personally think some of the best creators were voted out really early. Thank you for the well wishes. My family is in the middle of an overhaul remodel and I have tried to keep my projects to things that are penny pinchers and things that are at times more function that form. That being said: I will likely be the second place gal. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Heidi

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