The Craft Project

Ice Age Mammals Yarn Bomb


Yarn Bomb Yukon got back to work last night when we set about yarn bombing the Beringia Centre‘s iconic mammoth and giant beaver sculptures.  We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and the upcoming Canadian Museums Association Conference provided the perfect opportunity (the warm weather and sunshine certainly didn’t hurt either).


It took six of us and two ladders, three hours to get the job done.  We feel that both of the animals look much more cozy now in their new clothes – especially the mammoth in his onesie.


  1. that is totally awesome! do people knit the parts and then assemble them on top of the sculptures? i sure wish i could find some people to do some yarn bombing with me where i live!! thanks for sharing!!

    • That’s exactly what we do. We have a stockpile of knitted pieces from when we yarn bombed a plane last summer and we piece those together in different ways for our new projects. We had so much fun with this one. You should put it out to the world via social media or your blog or email that you want to start a yarn bombing group in your area….I bet a few others will appear out of the woodwork.

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