The Craft Project

Learning to Design Bolt Fabric


I’m really excited to be taking an amazing and challenging online art course right now with the talented Lilla Rogers called Make Art That Sells.  We have just finished our first week of the course where we focused on bolt fabric.  My mother is an intense quilter and sewing queen so I grew up surrounded by fabric and was really excited to try my hand at designing it.


Lilla assigned us a mini assignment at the start of the week to draw mushrooms – a theme I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon on my own.  After a lot of experimentation I ended up creating a series of red, blue, and purple mushrooms with ink, watercolour, and a white sharpie paint pen.  Then she gave us our main assignment for the week to design a piece of bolt fabric with two coordinates.  I created a whole page of doodled motifs in ink that I thought I might be able to use with my mushrooms in my design.  Designing fabric was much more challenging than I thought it would be (I learned mountains of new things) – and not just because I needed to take my traditional media into the digital world through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (I’m thankful that Tyler is a professional photographer and could answer my “how do I?” questions…it appears I will not only learn a lot about creating work for different markets in this course, but also how to use these programs).  After a couple of days of work I have arrived at something I’m very happy with.  Please let me know what you think in the comments…this course is an intensive learning process for me and any feedback you have will just add to my growth.  Up next: home decor.

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