The Craft Project

The Great Northern Arts Festival


I’ve just returned from ten days at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik.  It was an absolutely amazing trip filled with friends, adventures, parties, art, learning and fun.  Every day was jam-packed.  One day I was creating art bras and modelling in a fashion show; another I was learning to sew seal skin from an elder (she made me rip it out until I did it perfectly); I learned how to mold wax to create metal casts for jewelry (which I plan to keep doing); explored the Mackenzie Delta by boat and truck; taught art to some very talented students; helped build a giant mosaic; was inspired at every turn; spent every waking moment with old and new friends while watching them kick-ass in their chosen art forms; and didn’t really sleep at all.  It’s hard to fully the capture the experience in words so I’m going to let the photography of the very talented Estelle Marcoux and Terry Halifax try and do it for me.


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