The Craft Project

Dinosaur Skeleton Cake


I make a cake each year for my friend Christina’s birthday.  This year she turned 30, so I let her dictate what her cake would look like.  She asked for a dinosaur cake.  More specifically a dinosaur skeleton.  While actually she asked for something like the dinosaur from the start of Jurassic Park that they image with ground-penetrating radar (the internet refuses to provide me with an image – if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re going to have to re-watch the film).  So yeah, she doesn’t get to pick what type of cake she gets anymore, but I did my best to pull off the request.


I first baked a vanilla cake and then carved a dinosaur skeleton out of it using pumpkin carving tools.  I then filled all the holes with chocolate cake.  At this point I went to take a photo in case it failed miserably after I baked it…and dropped my phone in the chocolate cake batter.  Luckily the phone and the cake survived.  And most importantly – Christina was very excited.

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