The Craft Project

Giant Wood Cuts


Friday through Sunday saw a set of Yukon artists take over Shipyards Park for Art Under Pressure, to print giant wood cut prints with the help of a steam roller under the amazing leadership of the very talented Joyce Majiski.


We each designed and carved a 4′ x 4′ piece of birch plywood which we used to create our prints.  I have a lot of thank yous to make in terms of my print.  I broke my elbow mountain biking before I had finished the carving process so a dedicated team of family and friends stepped up to make sure that on Sunday I’d still be able to create my prints.  So thank you to Tyler Kuhn, Nancy Church, Ian Church, Craig Church, Angela Chang, and Kyle Russel for picking up chisels, xacto knifes, and dremels at various points over the last week….it wouldn’t have happened without you.  Also thank you to Don Watt for taking on the physical manhandling on Sunday that my sling wouldn’t allow.


This was the first wood cut print I’ve ever created (go big or go home right?) and I’m thrilled with the result.  You can see all of the finished pieces at the Yukon Arts Centre Studio September 24-30.


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