The Craft Project

The Wedding Cake


My younger brother, Craig Church, got married to the amazing and talented Angela Chang on Saturday.  The wedding was wonderful and beautiful (and as with all weddings a fair amount of chaos and work in the lead-up).  I got the honour of putting together their wedding cake.  It was a lot of work – not that this came as a surprise – and as it was the first wedding cake I’ve ever created it was a bit stressfull as well (as I was hand painting it at 2 am the night before the big day the refrain of “what was I thinking?” may have been on auto-loop in my head).  Luckily I had a team of elves (including the bride) helping with the baking earlier in the week, as I broke my elbow mountain biking and was forbidden from carrying around heavy objects (like bags of flour and sugar, or giant mixing bowls).  But it turned out beautifully, and I, along with the lovely couple, were really happy.  The finished product was three tiers of vanilla bean cake with raspberry buttercream, covered in handpainted fondant with fondant and fresh flower decorations.


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