The Craft Project

The Art Bras


While I was in Inuvik for the Great Northern Arts Festival I created a set of four northern-themed art bras for the fashion show.  One was a hand painted inukshuk (and has already found a new home); one was northern lights and was made of sequins; and two were covered in tiny jewels – a caribou and fireweed (the caribou has over 10,000 jewels in it).  I need to give a shout out to Victoria’s Secret for creating such perfect canvases for me to work on.


After we modeled them in the fashion show I brought them back to Whitehorse and then got swamped with other projects for a while.  I finally found a moment last weekend to do a photo shoot with the talented Tyler Kuhn, and can now share the bras with all of you.  You can find the finished products on the Raven Mad Designs Etsy site.  I hope in the near future to put together a full show of art bras, but until then feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to create a special bra for you.


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