The Craft Project

Faces Exhibit


My new show Faces is opening on October 4th from 5-8 pm at the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery.  It will run until October 26th.

This show stems from me being intimidated to draw faces – or at least I was intimidated before I set myself the challenge of creating 100 different faces in as many different mediums as possible. The resulting body of work is as broad as possible; from polymer clay and wire, to pencil and ink, to collage and acrylic, to manga and steampunk, and as many other styles in-between that I could think up.

Join me on October 4 from 5-8 pm for a journey through the human face. If you feel inspired you even have the chance to add to the exhibit by creating your own drawing(s) of a face in the exhibit guest books. Perhaps your piece will encourage someone else who is intimidated by drawing faces to give it a try.

This opening is part of the Oct. 4th Whitehorse Art Crawl.


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