The Craft Project

Learning to Pack and Crate


On Friday I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop on packing and crating artwork conducted by Paul Marcon from the Canadian Conservation Institute.  It was a fabulous experience and I learned so much –  especially how much better of a job I could do in packing original artwork for shipping (hey at least I’m doing a good job with my prints).  The morning was spent in a lecture with a hands-on component in the afternoon.  For the hands-on portion we got to try packing incredibly fragile un-fired pottery and sculpture in crates and then we proceeded to throw the crates off of progressively higher ladders outside in the snow trying to break the contents – it was wonderfully therapeutic (more than one “mwahaha” was heard).  If you’re looking for information on how to pack and crate items yourself I recommend checking out the Canadian Conservation Institute’s website – them have a number of free references that are really worthwhile.  Now to go build myself some crates.


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