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Looking Back to 2013


I was starting to prep a post today committing to my 2014 resolutions/goals and I realized that before I put those new plans out into the world I should look back to my 2013 resolutions and take stock of how they went.  So here’s a quick point form list for all of you on how I did, for better or worse, on last year’s plans in preparation for sharing the big goals of 2014 with all of you tomorrow:


  • I did manage to spend time with friends near and far.  Tyler and I traveled to the first annual Earth and Ocean Science students reunion in January and the Field Mice reunion in July with my parents.  I spent time in the East Coast with my brother, his friends, and a friend from Iqaluit in September; in Ottawa in October with a crew of dear friends and mentors; and in Vancouver in November…plus my brother got married in Whitehorse in August.  And we managed to host lots of fun events for everyone in Whitehorse to get together.  We plan to keep it up in 2014.




  • And finally the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  Well…I did the training and was ready for it.  And I raised quite a bit of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while training.  But I broke my elbow and finger mountain biking shortly before the race, so I wasn’t actually able to do the run.  But that’s ok…I’m calling the training and the fundraising a win.


So there you have it, the roundup of the 2013 resolutions.  On to a bright and happy 2014!

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