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2014 Resolutions


Well we’re seven whole days into the new year and I’m accepting the fact that I need to step out of holiday mode and face all of life’s little responsibilities – my geography students had their first class yesterday at Yukon College; the CPAWS office re-opened after our Christmas hiatus; and I spent a few hours on Sunday walking the catwalk for a fashion show rehearsal.  Which means it’s also time to publicly state my new year’s resolutions on this blog to help keep me accountable (the good news to date is that we’re one week in and they’re all holding strong).  So here we go:


Healthy and Strong

I spent too much of 2013 hindered by injuries (a broken elbow, finger, and a third-degree tear in my calf muscle that banished me from the dance studio and onto crutches for a while).  That coupled to 2012’s horrendous shoulder break has lead me to decide that I need to rely on more than just my Wolverine-speed healing abilities and must make health and strength a priority this year (I may also need to consider not smacking my body into hard things from a rapidly moving bike).  I decided to look at health in a pretty wide spectrum.  Here’s the plan:

  • Floss (yes I know, I should already be doing this, I get a lecture from my dentist every time I see her).
  • Daily yoga practice (I haven’t stepped in front of a yoga class to teach since I destroyed my shoulder and the road back involves re-establishing my personal practice…plus I want to fly in arm balances, acro and partner yoga and I need to be really strong to pull that off).
  • Take a daily multi-vitamin (just in case the 20 broken bones has anything to do with the amount of calcium in my system and not just the hard impacts).
  • Budget (it’s time to wipe away the last of that debt that’s hanging around from my masters degree and I’m finally accepting the fact that a budget will help me do that).
  • Meal plan (afterall having groceries for more than just perogies and crackers and cheese in the house can’t be a bad thing).
  • Rehab my calf (for the time being that involves snowshoeing and my bike trainer; swimming and skiing come next; followed by training for the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay and running).


Art History

As an artist I think it’s really important for me to learn more art history.  I’ve started with studying the history of street art.  It seemed like a great place to begin given my work as a yarn bomber.  At the end of February I’m taking A History of Art for Artists, Animators, and Gamers course through the California Institute of the Arts and Coursera.  If you haven’t come across Coursera yet I highly recommend you check them out – they host university courses online for free.  I’m going to take a second art history course, this one on Warhol, with them and the University of Edinburgh, Tate, and the National Galleries of Scotland in April.  If you have other suggestions for books (non-fiction or fiction), courses, films, movements, artists, etc to check out on this quest I’d love to hear them in the comments below.


Read More

I really love to read.  One of my favourite parts about Christmas holidays is the chance to settle in to a slew of good books.  This year I’d like to keep the pace of my reading closer to the holiday levels.  I’m currently re-reading the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (in association with an art project).  On deck I’ve got The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay; The Great Gatsby; Speaker for the Dead; The Ghost Bride; Flora and Ulysses; The Screaming Staircase; Such Wicked Intent; The Colossus Rises; Zombies vs. Unicorns; S; and Hollow City.  As you can tell I happily read adult, young adult, and children’s books.  Any good suggestions out there that I should add to my list?


Take My Art Out of the Territory

I made my first forays out of the Yukon with my art this past year (to Inuvik and Vancouver).  I’d like to expand upon that this year.  In order to see this through I’ll be researching galleries, residencies, children’s book publishers (for illustrations), licencing, projects, courses, conferences, and shows.  Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

And there you have it.  And now on to a bright new year!


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