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When a Baby Shower Leads to a New World of Design


Is it just me or does it seem like recently babies are appearing left, right, and center?  In the last month alone we’ve had three sets of friends bring new bundles of joy into the world (one of whom was Yukon’s first baby of 2014) and another set adopt.  The advent of all of these new tiny people has lead me inevitably to think about baby showers, which in turn, oddly enough, has led me to a fantastic design discovery.


I’m one of those people who firmly believe in physical stationary (maybe it’s because I’m an artist and designer myself, or maybe I just appreciate the care and extra effort it takes).  I love well designed cards, invitations, and thank you cards; I use a physical – and pretty – engagement calendar; and I still write letters when I can; hell, I even designed a whole set of Wile E. Coyote and  Road Runner (with some Mad Libs thrown in for good measure) wedding stationary when Tyler and I got married.


While looking around for baby shower invitations I was introduced to Minted.  I’m betting some of you have experienced Minted before, but those of you who haven’t, I really recommend you check it out.  Minted is to stationary what Threadless is to t-shirts. They run open, online design challenges and the entries that garner the most support from the community of fans, staff, and customers get printed.  It’s a really lovely concept and results in designers getting recognized and some beautiful work getting out into the world for all of us to access (just look at the images in this post as an example which Minted kindly let me showcase for you).  The question I face now is which invitations do I pick?  Suggestions are welcome – you can see Minted’s baby shower invitation collection here.



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