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They Call it a “Work” of Art for a Reason


Over the holidays a long-time friend was up in Whitehorse visiting family and we got a chance to catch up.  His mom is an artist as well and the three of us sat down for lunch together while his young son mashed avocado into green sludge and pointed out a crane through his grandmother’s window in the background.  Eventually the conversation turned to art and my friend asked his mother and I about our creative processes.  His mother laughed and replied, “They call it a ‘work’ of art for a reason.”

That got me thinking.  I realized that when people ask me about a piece or my process I don’t really talk about all of the work – the things that went wrong or drove me up the wall, all of the various steps, or even often the various thoughts and inspirations that led to the final product.  I’ve decided to change that.  I created four new pieces over the holidays, and have three more partially completed.  Over the next little while I’m going to share those seven pieces with you here on the blog and go into detail about all the elements that made them a reality.  Hopefully you enjoy the detailed peek into my world.  I’ll post the first one tomorrow.

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