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Art to Help Others Skate for Life


The Skate for Life Alliance is a recently formed non-profit in Whitehorse that has come together with the goal of improving the existing skate park in Whitehorse.  As someone who grew up playing on her bike with a crew of friends who were never separated from their trials bikes, longboards, and skateboards (except when the snow fell and we switched to the skis and snowboards) I’m excited to help them out however I can.  So when they asked if I’d paint a skate deck for them as part of a fundraiser I jumped at the chance.  Rah Rah Gallery will be hosting an event and silent auction for all of the artist-created decks at the end of April.  They are also coordinating with all of the artists; getting all of us old decks to use as canvases.


My dad sanded the old deck down for me until it was the perfect surface (he has a soft spot for young punks having survived my and my brother’s childhoods) and then I went at it with the acrylics.  Originally I had a vision of more layers to this with more of a graffiti-styling, but I got to this point and really loved how it looked so I stopped.  Maybe I need to paint a second deck to cover off the original plan as well.  What do you think?



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