The Craft Project

Learning to Weave


I just recently finished a beginners weaving workshop offered by the Northern Fibres Guild.  It was fantastic!  We wove scarves over a few evenings and learned all of the steps involved in the process – from measuring the warp (the vertical threads that go onto the loom) and warping the loom; to weaving the weft (the horizontal threads that get woven in) and working with different patterns; to fixing mistakes and broken warp threads; and everything in between.


My mom has a beautiful loom that has always fascinated and intimidated me so I was really excited to actually begin to understand the process.  I have to say, having now taken the workshop, weaving really works with my brain.  I actually find it a lot easier than knitting (although that may have a lot to do with the simplicity of the patterns I was experimenting with).  Of course now I want a loom – but Tyler says he’s filing that on the “one day when we have a bigger house list” along with a spinning wheel.  I guess for the time being I’ll have to pay some visits to mom’s house to use hers.

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