The Craft Project

Dyeing Silk Scarves


A few days ago we had our monthly Northern Fibres Guild meeting.  After the basic business of the meeting was concluded we settled in to learn to dye silk scarves. Gail Robert taught us a dead simple technique:



  • Soak the silk scarf for 20 minutes in vinegar;
  • arrange it across the bottom of a glass dish;
  • use eye-droppers to add two colours of dye (I used red and blue) across the entire length of your scarf;
  • push the silk around a bit in the dish to get some nice, even coverage;
  • cover the dish with plastic wrap and microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds;
  • and then rinse out the scarf in cold water.


It worked out really well and was so simple that I suggest you go and try it out for yourself.



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