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Yarn Bombing at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival


The Atlin Arts and Music Festival is always my favourite festival of the year and the most recent instalment failed to disappoint. And how could it with acts like Gord Downie, the Sadies, Danny Michel, Alex Cuba, and the Gord Grdina Trio gracing the stages while the youngest festival goers played in the custom built sand pile and Lego pit and the rest of us lay in the grass and soaked in the magnificent views?


This year Yarn Bomb Yukon was asked to attend the festival as visual artists. We taught people to knit, crochet, and yarn bomb; we yarn bombed a picnic table which will become a permanent fixture at the festival (and provided  the slightly hung over set with a comfy place to rest their heads on Sunday morning); and we added a bit of yarn to the amazing upright base created by Paul and Jeanine Baker
for a communal collage project for this year’s festival goers. It was a great weekend.





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