The Craft Project

Great Northern Arts Festival 2014

Amber-and-Leslie On Sunday I returned from this year’s Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik.  As always it was filled with great friends, inspiring work created by a set of even more inspiring artists, and lots of opportunities to learn.  I got to take two workshops with the very talented Jen Lam – Learn to Spin (it was my first opportunity to spin with a spinning wheel instead of a drop spindle) and kumihimo braiding. Kumihimo-and-fibre I created a whole new set of work for the festival – mainly a set of new canvases, but also a corset for the fashion show – all of which are now for sale.  I wanted to give you all the first look at the new creations here.

This year I taught three workshops while at the festival: Collaged Masterpieces for Children, which with 13 kids in the class was essentially organized chaos; Zentangle Inchies, which my students blew me away in with the quality of their finished work; and Make Your Own Art Bra, which saw one of my fellow artists kick ass with her designing skills.

I did a photo shoot for Mathew Nuqingaq, whose jewelry is to die for, and I also got convinced to coordinate this year’s fashion show – which was a huge success.  We chose to run the show completely to live music – throat singing, drumming, and beat-boxing to be specific – which added a whole new element to the models’ walks.  I was really excited to add an accessory section to the line-up as well, which gave us a chance to showcase the work of some very talented jewelers, moccasin-, hat-, and mitt-makers.

The most amazing part of the festival every year is connecting with my fellow artists across the North.  You would be hard pressed to find a more amazing set of people anywhere and I’m so grateful for the tiny chunk of time I just got to spend with them all.  Here’s a little glimpse of the experience (the majority of these beautiful images are courtesy of the amazing Estelle Marcoux).

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