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Help YAAW Move Downtown

Yukon Artists @ Work, the co-operative art gallery that I’m a member of, has recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help us finance a move to a location in downtown Whitehorse early in the new year.  Our gallery is currently located in the industrial area of Whitehorse, above a warehouse, and only accessible by a long flight of stairs.  The location we are moving to, the old Pot of Gold location, is in the centre of dowtown with ground floor access, making us much more accessible to locals and visitors alike.  The new location also provides us with many new exciting opportunities to better contribute to the Yukon arts community as a whole.


Benefits to backers include gift certificates to spend on art of their choice, recognition of their support on a permanent plaque in the gallery, the chance to name exhibition rooms in the new space, and even the opportunity to host a private party in the new space.  We’ve been blown away with the support to date – as the campaign in the first few days has already surpassed $9000 in donations! If you would like to learn more about the campaign or to join this generous group of supporters you can do so here.

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