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I’m very excited to be producing this year’s Homegrown Theatre Festival for Nakai Theatre.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you all a sneak peak at what you can expect at this year’s festival:

Get ready Whitehorse! The 2015 edition of Nakai Theatre Homegrown Theatre Festival is right around the corner and packed with exciting and thought-provoking performances drawn from the local Yukon community.

The festival takes place from 7-11:30 pm nightly from May 26th to 30th at the Guild Hall in Whitehorse. Tickets are $12 at the door which get you into a slew of exciting theatre performances each evening.

This year’s festival includes:

Back in a Minute

Created by: Santana Berryman
Performed by: Andrea Bols, Beverly Brazier, Colin Milne, and Melaina Sheldon

Maria Hernandez Garcia wakes up in her mother’s restaurant in East L.A. with no idea of how she got there. Soon, she discovers that she has died, and that her “unfinished business” is the only thing keeping her in this world. Act II brings on the question – would you stay in a world of hell, if you knew that someone needed you? Back in a Minute is an urban drama that centers on the conflict between two powerful women, and explores themes of family, independence, and how we cope with loss.

Community Theatre
A serial improv comedy

Created and Performed by: Erica Bigland, Brian Fidler, George Maratos, Claire Ness, Martin Nishigawa, and Anthony Trombetta

Each night, Community Theatre lampoons the world of amateur theatre in this serial improv comedy show. Set in the fictional Capitol Theatre the characters and story are improvised nightly and developed with the help of the audience.

With every episode the plot thickens as a cast of improvisers build the story of the eccentric characters in small town theatre. You’ll meet the flamboyant director, part-time actor divas and surly technicians that make this local theatre tick.

Note: Individual tickets will be available each evening for Community Theatre for those not attending the rest of the festival. They will cost $5 at the door.

Four Directions Story

Performed by: Rhoda Merkel

Rhoda has been telling children First Nations stories for over ten years, now she would like to share them with you. Come and listen to how harmony remained intact in animal kingdom after a very large disagreement in the Story of the Four Directions. How did the world begin???? Rhoda will tell First Nations creation stories that answer this question. And, in her final performance she will tell very old stories told around campfires in the Yukon in the old days.


Created by: Dogface Theatre
Performed by: Adam Bacchus, Anna Crawford, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Geneviève Doyon, Sophia Marnik, Roy Neilson, Melaina Sheldon and Jason Westover

A young man in recovery trudges the road of unhappy destiny – with a little help from his friends.

Special Thanks to: Nakai Theatre 24 Hr Playwriting Challenge & Gwaandak Theatre New Yukon Voices program.

* Recommended for mature audiences only.


Created and performed by: Nicholas Mah

The spirit of legendary jazz guitarist Lenny Breau takes over the hands and body of our hero (Nick) to give one last show. Some of Lenny’s unique arrangements and compositions will be featured along with illustrations of his amazing abilities and childlike nature.

Porque el silencio…

Created by: Léa Roy – Bernatchez
Performed by: Léa Roy-Bernatchez

A dance performance with words. Sharing to the audience an old story. A hidden love story between 2 women.

PSAC Regional Pride Committee Presents “Slam Homophobia”

Created by: Lisa Vollans-Leduc and Barry “Jack” Jenkins

One night of slam poetry and performances against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, and bullying. This performance is a benefit for local high school Gay-Straight Alliances.

Willard Richards, Eyewitness to the Martyrdom in the Carthage Jail

Adapted from the paperback , Sealing the Testimony, An Eyewitness Account of the Martyrdom written by Ted Gibbons 2001.
Performed by: Ron Patrick

The intent of the mob that attacked Carthage Jail was to leave no survivors to tell the truth of what happened. But two men survived. One of them in fulfillment of prophecy was unharmed. That man was Willard Richards. In this dramatic monologue, Willard Richards, the prophet’s personal secretary and church historian returns to Carthage Jail, Illinois and recreates for the audience the story of the betrayal, treachery, and conspiracy that led to the murder of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith.

*Note: this piece will include loud noises.

Wolf Trek: Alone in the Woods

Written by Kevin Kennedy
Dramaturged by TJ Dawe
Performed by: Kevin Kennedy

Charged by bison, trapped by wolves, nose-to-nose with bears: what drives a broken-armed man for 3 buggy weeks hiking subarctic Wood Buffalo Park? True story of his arm-smashed-up buffalo walk. First Whitehorse performance of a Fringe hit!

“Easily my favourite…When he howls with the wolves, I want to howl with him” -Vancouver Province;
“Affecting, rewarding” -Georgia Straight;
“4 stars” -Victoria Times Colonist; Best Script, Montreal Fringe;
“Old-fashioned storytelling, hair-raising anecdotes, sheer slapstick” -Whitehorse Star.

Saturday, May 30th at 10:15 pm a closing night party will rock the Guild with music by DJ KJ. Free and open to all.

For more details check out our program at:

Volunteer for the Homegrown Theatre Festival
Nakai’s 2015 Homegrown Theatre Festival is just around the corner and we’re looking for festival volunteers.  A volunteer shift will get you a free ticket to a night of the festival.
We are looking for volunteers for these roles:
Bar volunteers
Front of house ticket sales
Poster and program distribution
Festival set-up and strike
If any of these positions interest you please contact Amber Church at

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