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Plein Air Festival


I have spent the last four days in the sun, wind, and rain with a group of fellow artists for Whitehorse’s second annual Plein Air Festival.  Each day we were assigned a location to paint in – the SS Klondike, the Whitehorse Wharf, the grounds of the Whitehorse Visitor Reception Centre, and the front yard of Yukon Artists at Work – and between 11 am and 4 pm would set up outside and create a piece.  With ten artists hard at work for four days more than 40 new pieces of work that will be unveiled at an opening tonight from 5-8 pm at Yukon Artists at Work.  The show will stay up for the rest of the weekend if you can’t make it tonight.  And in case you can’t get here at all I thought I should share my four creations with you here.  I also wanted to share with you the art fort Shiloh and I made on Monday to survive the torrential rainstorm we found ourselves in.



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