The Craft Project



For the last while I’be been working with a super talented team through Shot in the Dark Film Productions to begin the creation process of what we hope will eventually evolve into a “Northern Tails” children’s web series, populated completely with puppets.  Our pilot, Chi-igii, focuses on the first year in the life of a baby caribou.  I’ve been spending over six months now building and needle felting puppets, sewing costumes, and building sets and props – and I’m excited to say that I got to see the fruits of my labour come together last weekend when we settled down to film.


Although…”seeing” the fruits of my labour may not be exactly accurate as I spent the entire weekend ducked down behind a table with my arms in the air as the principal puppeteer….but it was really fun and everyone standing in front of the set and behind the camera assure me it did all look really good.  Keep your eyes peeled for our teaser for the film coming in the near future (as soon as Tyler gets a chance to get the edit, keying and colour grade finished up).  Until then here are some behind-the-scenes shots for you to enjoy.


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