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UK Wanderings


Things have been so full-tilt recently that I haven’t had a chance to update the blog – in fact I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s the start of December and I realized an update hasn’t been posted since the end of August.  But never fear – I’m going to update you all right now on what has been absorbing so much time – starting with my exciting and art-filled trip to the UK over August and September.


Tyler and I had the chance to tramp around southern England and Wales for about a month – making stops in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Dartmoor National Park, Bath, Snowdonia National Park, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, and Cardiff.  Along the way we got to spend sunset inside the stone circle at Stonehenge; explore Dismaland; watch some of our favourite teams compete for the Rugby World Cup; take part in a Jane Austen-themed masked ball; watch Shakespeare performed in both the Globe and Royal Shakespeare Company theatres; take in Ai Wei Wei’s new exhibit at the Royal Academy; and explore the world of Harry Potter; discover the wealth of London street art; and find my great-great-great grandfather’s grave and the pub he once owned which still operates and has his photo on the wall.  It was a pretty incredible trip and I’m happy to share a glimpse of it with all of you through these photos.

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