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I Gave A Walrus Talk


I was honoured to be asked to be one of the speakers for The Walrus Talks National Tour: We Desire a Better Country.  The talk series is one of the signature events of the Canada 150th anniversary celebrations which are taking part throughout 2017.  The tour visits every province and territory in Canada and features fifty members of the Order of Canada and fifty young leaders, of who I was one.  Each of us was given seven minutes to speak about what we desire for Canada’s future.


“Conversations about Canada will build a deeper understanding of Canada,” says Shelley Ambrose, executive director of the Walrus Foundation and publisher of The Walrus, of the tour. “It will provide Canadians with opportunities to participate and celebrate together; shape a more inclusive vision of Canadian society, its people, and what it means to be Canadian; and recognize the exceptional Canadian people, places, achievements, and events that will shape our country for the next fifty years.”

You can see my talk here:

As the tour continues all one hundred talks will be posted here.  They will also be broadcast on CPAC and the audio will be broadcast on CBC Radio.

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