The Craft Project

Trying Our Hands at Snow Carving

2017-02-24 14.51.22

For years I’ve admired the work of the snow carving teams who travel to Whitehorse to compete in the International Snow Carving Competition during the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous.

2017-02-24 14.41.15

This year a team of friends and I got to try our hands at snow carving ourselves during the competition.  The organizers opened up a recreational category for amateurs to try their hand at the art on smaller blocks than the pros use.

2017-02-24 11.04.40-1

We decided to base our carving the glyptodon puppet I created during the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive last year (a glyptodon is an ice-aged mammal).  We carved the front of the block to match the puppet and the back to capture a glyptodon’s fossilized skull.  It was a stunning day outside and we had a wonderful time and now we have a whole new appreciation of the work of the pros.

2017-02-24 15.04.57

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