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Who Knew A Baby Would Take Up So Much Time?

2017-02-24 16.14.59-1

Well hello there loyal readers – long time, no see.  It turns out that when you get pregnant and then give birth to a tiny bundle of joy or mischief personified, depending on your perspective and their mood, you lose time for pretty much everything else for a little while.  But I’m back now!  And you’ll start to see more regular blog posts again.  For those of you who followed me on Twitter and Instagram my apologies for the accounts going private – once they were being dominated by photos of a tiny munchkin it didn’t feel right to keep them in the public realm.

But to start things back off I feel I owe you all a little catch-up.  So here’s a few highlights from my time away:

2017-03-07 12.12.32-1

Introducing Inara Yvaine Kuhn Church.  She was born on May 3, 2016 and has been bringing joy and causing havoc from the second she arrived.  The majority of my time away from the blog can be summed up as feeding/changing/playing with/managing/hanging out with Inara.  We’ve taken her travelling through Newfoundland, Labrador, Cape Breton, Vancouver Island, and the Alberta Badlands.  She’s already got a huge list of new places she wants to see, and now that she can crawl, she’s on a mission to start checking them off.  She also plans to help me in the art studio – she’s already spending quality times with her crayons and tiny felt pens and “Mommy’s colours” whenever I’m not paying quite enough attention and she gets her hands on them.

2017-02-10 12.13.29-1

As far as art news goes I’m just coming out of my maternity leave from my studio now, but there were a few highlights between now and when we last connected.

2017-03-13 15.29.51

In January of last year I was lucky enough to take part in the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive (otherwise known as Puppet Camp) at the Banff Centre for the Arts taught by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop and Cirque de Soleil.  It was filled with amazing new techniques (both from the theatre and the art side), a fabulous cohort of instructors and fellow students, and a welcome distraction from the morning sickness in the heart of the Rockies.  I was honoured to receive an Advanced Artist Award from Yukon Government to be able to participate.


In May I opened a solo show, Silhouettes, at Arts Underground.  Sadly I didn’t make it to the opening – it was supposed to open two and a half weeks before I gave birth, but someone came three weeks early.  If nothing else it made notifying people of Inara’s arrival easy – CBC Radio did it for me when they had to explain why I suddenly wasn’t on air to do my interview about the exhibit.

Doing my maternity leave I also started a new art project.  It is inspired by Canada’s natural and cultural treasures, especially our National Parks and Historic Sites.  The idea is that the final exhibit will incorporate a variety of mixed media canvases, ink and watercolour drawings, and a set of art journals and photographs capturing the experience of the project.  I have been working on the art journals as we take Inara from coast-to-coast-to-coast, and have started planning some of the larger work.

That’s it for now.  Shortly I’ll put up a couple of more posts on some recent happenings to get me back in the swing of things, but for now I’d just like to say thanks for still being here and I promise to be around much more often.

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  1. Dear Amber, I know that this is a little late in coming but congratulations to you and Tyler to starting your family!

    Also, your artistry is beautiful!

    Miss you guys and the Yukon!


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