The Craft Project

Coming Soon – The Wish 150 Yukon Mosaic


14 Yukon artists, myself included, have teamed up to create the Yukon’s mosaic for the Wish 150 program – a national initiative included in the programming for Canada’s 150th anniversary that aims to bring together our communities through art and colour to catalyze a better future for the country.

The concept of the project is that we all have powerful dreams and our collective imagination is a source of hope, direction and inspiration.  Artists from across the country were asked to draw upon their dreams or wishes for Canada to create works of art.  In each province and territory these works are being combined into mosaics and exhibited in galleries to help inspire the public to contemplate their own wishes for the nation.  In the Yukon the mosaic will take the shape of a Raven.

The Yukon mosaic will be unveiled at an opening reception on Friday April 7th from 5-7 pm in the Focus Gallery of Arts Underground in Whitehorse.  If you’re available I’d love to see you out.

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