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My Artwork on the Celebration of Swans Poster

YG-Swans mar6 Outlined.indd

I’m excited to announce that my piece The Swan has been chosen to be the 2017 Celebration of Swans poster image.  Each year, thousands of swans flock to patches of early open water in Southern Yukon.  Yukoners and visitors alike love spending time watching the birds, which has led Environment Yukon to host the Celebration of Swans, an annual month-long event that combines bird watching, art, music, science, interpretation, and community engagement.


To me it speaks to how closely linked our experience of our landscape is with these migratory birds, leading to the creation of a piece that captured the swans as the landscape.  Each year, they select a piece of art to feature on the poster for the event.  Thousands of these posters are distributed across the territory.  I’m so honoured that this year it’s one of my creations gracing the design.


  1. Amber, this is such an amazing piece! What a brilliant idea to meld the swan into the landscape. Bravo! I’m so glad it will be the poster image this year. Congratulations!!!

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