The Craft Project

Wish150 Yukon Mosaic



The Wish150 Yukon Mosaic opened at Arts Underground on Friday night to a jam-packed crowd.  I was really honoured to be one of the artists asked to create work for the mosaic.


14 Yukon artists came together to depict our wishes for Canada in mosaic panels.  The panels were then combined to create the image of a raven, Yukon’s official bird.  The project is national in scope – with each province and territory creating their own mosaic – the sum of these 13 mosaics forming the backbone of the Wish150 project, a signature Canada 150 project.


The wishes covered a number of important issues – from reconciliation, to wilderness, to diverse communities.  The exhibit was interactive allowing the audience to add their wishes to ribbons hanging from the ceiling.  My wish for Canada’s 150 was that Canadians choose to celebrate and protect our wild spaces and respect the intrinsic value of wilderness.  I created the piece by layering cut paper, acrylic and ink across the panel.  The organizers were trying to make sure there was a lot of colour in the finished exhibit so they gave us all colours to work with – mine was pink.


Canadians can also add their wishes online.  The idea being to spark a national conversation that provides a local focus to our dreams for the nation.  TakingITGlobal, the national project organizers, hope that the created art will inspire Canadians to use their voices and imaginations to share the changes that will build on our success as a nation to date and to improve our communities and country moving forward.



On Thursday we spent some time with Dave White at CBC talking about the project.  You can listen to that interview here.


The Wish150 Yukon mosaic remains in Arts Underground‘s Focus Gallery until April 28th.  It will then be presented at Kluane National Park‘s Canada Day celebrations on July 1st and at the Yukon Arts Centre‘s Community Gallery in August.  More details will be available shortly here.

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