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Creating Holiday Cheer with a Piece of the SS Klondike

2018-11-03 21.17.42

I had a really fun experience this afternoon.  The SS Klondike National Historic site was replacing the beautiful hemp rope used to rig the ship and they donated it to the Yukon Transportation Museum to use for programming and/or display.  The Museum, in turn, decided to use some of the rope to run a wreath making workshop and I was one of the lucky participants who got to take part.


It was the perfect style of workshop for me – no instruction, just a beautiful selection of supplies, good company, yummy food and excellent music (and solid work gloves – you would have ended up with some sizeable slivers if you had tried to manipulate the rope bare-handed).  The wreaths coming out of it were completely unique to the individuals creating them as everyone worked out a different way to work with the rope to create their masterpieces.


I’m particularly excited about the juxtaposition of sizes of rope in my piece, and the tails hanging down from the centre (I chose to leave long, uneven ends that I then unbraided to create the finished piece).  And of course it was really exciting to be allowed to work with a piece of the SS Klondike – it brought back memories of creating a piece about the ship during the Plein Air Festival a couple of years ago.

This wreath is now hanging on our front door.  Normally I would wait until later in the year before I started putting up any decorations, but hanging it up early served the dual purpose of keeping Inara from trying to play with it too much, and letting it air out a bit (the scent of the boat still lingers in the rope).

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