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Flashbacks: Dinosaur Pirates


For those of you who are long-time followers of the blog, you will know that between the time my daughter Inara was born and now my posting has been sporadic at best;  something about managing a baby/chasing a toddler around taking up all my spare moments (and then some).  Now that Inara is two-and-a-half I’m finally finding some time to get back to the blog.  And I’m realizing that there are a few things that I would normally have shared with all of you here that I didn’t get the chance to due to being completely consumed by the aforementioned toddler chasing.  But I feel I should now make amends.  So I’ve picked a weeks worth of projects that did come together during my writing hiatus to share with you, and you will find them here over the next five days – all with “Flashbacks” in the titles.


Today’s instalment: Dinosaur Pirates!


When Inara turned two we asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday party and she chose dinosaur pirates.  To an outside observer likely an unorthodox choice for a two year old girl, but for anyone who knows Inara, the most logical choice in the world.


We may have gone a little overboard (no pun intended), leading our friends to joke that by this rate we’ll all be going to the moon in a homemade rocket by the time she turns eight.  Some of the highlights included a fossil dig pit; an erupting volcano; and a set of dinosaur tracks snaking through the house (the remnants of which are still on our dining room floor as Inara loves them too much to see them go).  But the piece de resistance, and the piece most worth highlighting for this blog, was the food: a treasure map birthday cake with a cache of chocolate coins buried beneath the “X”; a watermelon pirate ship loaded with fruit salad; and a plate full of white chocolate dinosaur bones.  Upon reflection, our friends are probably right, we’ve set a standard that is going to be pretty challenging to meet/exceed in future, but it was worth it to see the excited giggles all day long.



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