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Invitation to True North Strong and Free Opening Reception


I’d like to invite you to join me for my first solo exhibition in three and a half years – True North Strong and Free. It will open with a reception from 5 – 6:30 pm on January 16th at the Hilltop Bistro at Yukon College (500 College Drive, Whitehorse). There will be yummy food for those of you who need an extra incentive.

Show Description:
Since the birth of my daughter three years ago my family and I have been traversing Canada, trying to instill in her a sense of the scope and diversity of the country we call home. In so doing we have encountered a number of stunning vistas, the like of which bring people from around the world to our doorstep. There is an inherent juxtaposition in many of these areas that we lose when viewed through our Instagram feeds however; that the stunning natural beauty and ecological importance of these regions that exists in parallel with the imminent threats putting so many of these areas at severe risk. This exhibition will bring this darker side of these iconic landscapes into the limelight – be that logging practices in Haida Gwaii, glacier recession in the Rockies, fish stocks in Newfoundland, or legal battles for protection here at home in the Yukon. To do this the work will marry art, science and policy; often incorporating scientific data and research directly into the work. Each mixed media piece in the series will be made up of deeply layered ink and watercolour works augmented with polymer clay which will bring the work beyond the 2D space and into the viewer’s space in order to engage the viewer from different angles and to break through the natural barrier between the work and outside world.

For sneak peaks of in-progress shots of the works that will be showcased check out my art Instagram feed:

I’ll be sharing images of the pieces in the exhibition on January 16th here once it opens so that those of you unable to attend in-person will be able to experience it digitally.

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