About Me

Amber is a mixed media artist, painter, installation artist, and designer who has called Yukon home for most of her life.  She draws inspiration for her work from the natural world, social justice and environmental movements, history, mythology and fairy tales, and her imagination.  She has exhibited at the Great Northern Arts FestivalYukon Arts CentreArts UndergroundYukon Artists @ WorkGallery 22Rah Rah GalleryBaked CaféThe Guild Hall, and the Brooklyn Art Library.

Her piece, The Swan, is featured as the 2017 Celebration of Swans poster design.  Her piece, Raven and Wolf, won the Aasman Public Choice Award for the 2015 Whitehorse Plein Air Festival.  Her piece, Forge Your Own Path, is featured on the cover of the 2012 Northwestel phone directory.  In 2016 she won the Advanced Artist Award from Yukon Government.

Her designs have been featured in Altered Couture, Green Craft and Mingle Magazines, and as part of the Great Northern Arts Festival and Mardi Bra Fashion Shows.  Her installation and puppetry work has been featured in Yukon Educational Theatre’s Burning Away the Winter Blues and Winterval Parade; Ramshackle Theatre’s Theatre in the Bush, Sci-Fi Double Feature and Meanwhile Backstage; and Yukon Cultures Connects’ The Mixer.  She is an active member of Yarn Bomb Yukon.

When she isn’t working in her studio she can be found trying to save the world; teaching at Yukon College; haunting the backstage of theatres, or playing outside with her amazing daughter, husband and puppy.  Although her past has taken her from United Nations Climate Change negotiations, to skiing and snowboarding course crews for the Olympics, and to teaching in Antarctica, she finds herself most content when she is mucking about with paints in a bit of sunshine.

Artist Statement 

I like to use my work to challenge the status quo and traditional institutions – be that the media, politics, traditional gender roles, the representation of women in history, or the western concepts of beauty.  If I can create a scenario where the audience sees the world, or a well-known concept or story in a new light, or through a new lens, I feel like I have succeeded.

Part of how I express this aim is to create work that will reward viewers for the time they spend with a piece, the idea being that the more they look the more they will find.  I love texture and creating visually tactile work that incorporates many layers that will appear in the final piece in various degrees of opacity.  Intricate details and vibrant colour is also fundamental to my work.

2016-11-26 14.53.36 HDRI try to move my work beyond the 2D space and into the viewer’s space by including sculptural assemblage elements and found objects that will engage the viewer from different angles and breaks through the natural barrier between the work and outside world into the viewer’s space.

Another facet of my work is to engage the public in the visual arts and support my fellow visual artists.  This leads me to coordinate many art-related events and engage in a number of collaborative projects.


  1. I love the Scrabble letters. I have some Scrabble photography and crafts too. I’m always scouring yard sales for more Scrabble games. I def prefer the darker Scrabble deluxe tiles too…

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  4. Hi, Amber. I really like your art and your outlook and have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Whether you go in for these awards or not, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog (and I think Raven Mad Designs is a great name!).

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